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Why I’ve switched my website hosting to BigScoots

If you’d have asked me a few months ago if I’d have switched from SiteGround to BigScoots, I’d have probably told you no. However, in August 2020, I made the switch.

I always think it’s important to be honest. When I recommend a product as an affiliate, it’s because I believe in it. It’s something that I’ve tried myself and I think you’ll benefit from. I don’t promote something I haven’t tried myself.

So, it would seem odd if I started promoting BigScoots when I use SiteGround for my hosting, right? You’d probably want to know why I’ve made the switch if you’ve realized that I have. It’s only fair that you understand this.

There are a few reasons why I switched from SiteGround, despite being happy with the company for a long time. This is something I’m doing to have the future in mind.

BigScoots hosting offered cheaper hosting that’s better

I’ll be honest. The first thing is all about price. Quite frankly, BigScoots was able to offer me better for less.

One of my websites is starting to max out the allowable views for the plan that I was on. I would have upgraded, but then I noticed that BigScoots was offering the upper level plan for the same price as the mid-level plan on SiteGround. And this doesn’t seem to be with a new member discount.

I can’t see any new member discounts on BigScoots.

So, it seemed like a no-brainer to make the switch.

It wasn’t the only reason I did, though. There are other needs in mind.

BigScoots is faster

I’m still on shared hosting for now. In the future, I may need to upgrade, but at the moment, that’s not a concern.

One of the things I learned talking to other bloggers is that BigScoots hosting is faster. I thought that might be for the non-shared plans, but it turns out my websites are running faster than they were on SiteGround, even with shared hosting.

Site speed is important. If your sites are too slow, people are going to turn away. They want information NOW. So, you need to offer that.

I knew my site speed was a problem. I have a plug-in to reduce my image sizes to help with that, but it hasn’t been enough. Having the right host is important.

So, not only am I getting more space, but I’m also getting a faster host for less than I was paying before.

Customer support is excellent

Okay, so SiteGround’s customer support is good. Well, it used to be. It was the reason I switched to them in the first place.

However, I do think the company has grown so much that customer service is starting to go downhill. Just recently, I heard that the company had done a huge update to its cPanel with no warning, leading to lost updates on websites.

Yes, we should all be backing up externally and not relying on the web host, but at the same time, the web host should be warning us of big changes. People can plan ahead, then.

I’ve only been with BigScoots for a month, now, but I’ve only had good interactions with the customer support. Even when I’ve needed to wait a couple of days for responses (talking between different web hosts), the customer support has always been ready to help.

Other bloggers highly recommend BigScoots

At one point, SiteGround was the company highly recommended by bloggers. It made sense. Customer support was good, rates were reasonable, and it all seemed set up for us.

That’s not the case anymore. If you talk to people in blogging groups, there are a couple of other web hosts that now come up more often. BigScoots is the most popular.

It’s all about the speeds. After all, this is what Google wants now: fast websites.

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So far, I’ve only had good experiences with BigScoots. Yes, the sites have been down but all web hosts will go down now and then. You can’t expect 100% uptime. Any web host that guarantees that won’t be able to deliver. Overall, my experience with BigScoots has only been positive and I highly recommend the host for bloggers.

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