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6 things freelance writing coaches want you to know

Freelance writing coaches want to say so much to you. Whether you’re a new writer or trying to build a struggling career back up from a break; whether you’ve been in the game for years and looking for a change or you’re still trying to find your niche.

Coaches will hear the same things over and over again. They get the same questions, complaints, and stories.

Many coaches won’t be brave enough to put this on their own sites. But there are times that something like this is necessary. I’m just coming back from a week off with the stomach flu. In that time, I had a few emails that I really wanted to answer – and sometimes with some of these responses.

I also saw a few things on Facebook and Twitter from other freelance writing coaches. They have some of the same issues as me, so why not get it all out in one blog post. Here are six things freelance writing coaches want you to know.

#1: It takes hard work and determination from you

While coaches are there to help guide, they are not there to do all the work for you. Sure, they can tell you the systems that they used and the things that they did. What they can’t do is do it all for you.

All these basic systems are going to be the same, pretty much with any coach you find.

Once you have the basics, it’s up to you to do the work. Your coach isn’t going to sit down with you ever 10 minutes to make sure you’re doing it. This isn’t Kindergarten.

This is college level and beyond. You’ll be expected to do the work and if you don’t, then the systems won’t work. That’s not the coach’s fault!

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#2: We’re not here 24/7

As freelance writing coaches, we’re offering our time and expertise to help you avoid the mistakes that we made. That’s certainly why I’m doing it. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want time off!

I’m not going to be around 24/7. I won’t be available in the middle of the night when you have a “burning” question about your niche. I’ll be around in the morning or you can book a time with me.

If you expect someone to be around at your beck and call, then you’re going to end up on people’s ignore list. Rudeness isn’t tolerated in life and it isn’t tolerated with coaches.

Freelance writing coaches are just like you. We have families that we’re supporting and nurturing and there will be times that they come first.

#3: Initiative is good…Take it

Coaches don’t want you as students for the rest of your life. That isn’t anything bad about you…it’s a good thing.

Think about it: your teachers at school didn’t want you in their classroom for the rest of your life. Why would coaches want you to be around?

There are times where you will need to take the initiative. You’ll need to move on to bigger pastures and will want to spread your wings. Please do take it! We’re here if you decide you’ve broken free too early. We’re not just going to completely leave you to fall.

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#4: Freelance writing coaches haven’t done it all

Honestly, nobody has done it all. There will be some things that your writing coach hasn’t done. Maybe they’ve never needed to or it’s so new that they’ve not even heard of it.

The difference between a good coach and a bad coach is that the good one will check out the information in their own time. They’ll do some research and try to answer some questions that you have. Or they’ll find someone else who has the answers to refer you to.

Don’t get angry that a coach doesn’t have the answer right there and then. Give them chance to find out the information or take the initiative to find it out yourself!

#5: You need to have some sort of direction

We’re not miracle workers. We’d love to be but then if we were, we might not be here offering our services. After all, we’d have money without having to work.

When it comes to your writing business, you will need some sort of direction. We can’t work with nothing. We don’t know what your goals are – what you want to get out of the coaching sessions.

I ask my students to write down three things that they want to achieve in their writing business within the first month or three months. One of those things can be a big dream, but I like to focus on attainable goals. This helps to give you some type of focus, so the sessions can be tailored to you.

Before you sign up for any of the freelance writing coaches out there, have some sort of direction. Just anything to give you an idea of what you want to gain from your sessions.

6 Things Freelance Writing Coaches Want You to Know

#6: We do this for a living

Time is money. We know you’ve heard it all before. You expect to be paid for your time with a client, right?

Well, the same applies to students of coaches. You need to be willing to pay for the sessions.

I get a lot of people looking for free information – and not just a quick question about my thoughts on a certain website or a particular company. I get questions asking the secrets of success. Well, if you’ve read the blog, you’ve got a lot of information. Anything after that will be delivered to my paying students.

Those who aren’t willing to invest in themselves aren’t ready to be freelance writers. I do get where you’re coming from – I remember wanting it all for free. But you need to invest in your business to grow and expand.

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It’s time to jump in and take advantage of your freelance writing career. These six things are pointers that all freelance writing coaches want you to know⁠—they need you to know!