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5 tips to improve your blogging success

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You deserve to have some blogging success, whatever your blogging niche. Here are my top five tips to make that possible.

I’ve been blogging a long time. I’ve covered a variety of niches over that time, and my work has moved around a lot. I also write for private clients and at residual income sites, and my income is enough to support my little family of three. It did once support a family of four before my ex-husband decided to have an affair and leave.

Blogging success takes time. There are plenty of people who blog day in and day out and see no change. You seem to see new successful bloggers overnight, but that success doesn’t actually happen overnight. Nor does it end up being something easy. Successful bloggers follow these tips to make it.

Write for your audience for blogging success

Unless your blog is purely a personal one, there are chances that you’re writing for other people to read. You want them to do something afterward, right? It could be to invest in your services, buy your products, or continue reading your posts.

Because of that, you need to write for your audience. It’s the most important tip for boosting your blog’s success.

Yes, you want to write on a topic that interests you, but you need to think about the content that will help those reading it. If it’s not going to help them, why should they read it? If it’s not interesting to them, they’re going to click away.

This is why having a niche is important. People aren’t coming to a blog just to waste time. They want information about a specific topic, and when they get that, they may see what else you have to offer. Or they may sign up to your email list. Either way, you’ve covered a particular niche they need, and that’s what they expect more of.

Be consistent with your blogging

There’s no point in just posting once and expecting people to find you. Blogging success is all about consistency. And I can tell you just how important that is when I have fallen away from some of my blogs. It’s taken time to rebuild the audience that I lost.

This isn’t just consistency in the actual blogging part. You need to be consistent with your marketing and any emails that you send out.

As you gain consistency, you gain authority. You prove to live the life that you claim to. People can see that you have new information, and they’ll see that you know your stuff. You are also a constant in their minds.

I’ll admit that there were a few bloggers that I followed when I first started out. I now can’t tell you their names. They stopped being consistent and I stopped following them or they just disappeared on me. Even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t be able to find them, but if I’ve forgotten who they are, they aren’t all that successful, are they?

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Promote your content from your blog

Again, it comes back to that saying “build it and they will come.” No matter how great your content is, if people don’t know your blog exists, you won’t succeed.

The third tip to boost your blogging success is to promote your content. Social media marketing is extremely powerful, and you need to invest time in it. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and so many more. Pick a couple to get you started and then branch out.

It’s also worth including social sharing buttons on your posts. When people find your content helpful, they want to share it with their friends. The buttons make it so much easier for them.

This requires consistency as well. You can’t just post your links. You need to look authentic, and that means having conversations with people.

Make your content look interesting

Don’t just have a wall of text. That’s just boring!

You want to have some formatting to your posts. Make them look interesting and you will improve your blog’s success. It makes it easier for people to see the important bits and pieces, so they can skim and then share.

Images and videos are also important for interesting content. They catch the attention of your readers and are great for social sharing. Some social media sites are fuelled by images rather than text.

Think about keywords for blogging success

Okay, so search engine optimization (SEO) has changed a lot over recent years, but it’s not dead. It is very much still alive in a different way.

It’s important to think carefully about the types of keyword phrases people are searching for when they want to read the content. You can then use the phrases within your content, so your posts are more likely to show up in Google.

Yes, Google is still important for a blog’s success. You want to get on the right side of it.

Don’t find quick ways to cheat the system. It’s really not worth it. Make your posts great for humans, encourage people to share and make them interesting. The more they’re shared, the more Google will love you and rank you highly for the relevant search terms.

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Are you ready to make the most of your blog? Don’t just rely on people finding it by chance. Improve your keyword use and promotion, and you will boost your blogging success.

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