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4 tips for planning a vacation from blogging

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You can’t work 365 days of the year. Taking a vacation from blogging is important, but how do you do it without losing your audience?

We all need to take time away from work, and that’s what blogging is. Sure, it’s something that you enjoy doing, but it is still work. And it’s important that you treat it that way.

Even business owners will take vacations. Some business owners have people who can keep running the place, while others have to put plans in place to be able to take the time off. As a blogger, you’ll need to do the latter. There are steps you can take so you can have a vacation from blogging, but you’ll need to make a plan.

I make sure I still have posts going live when I’m away. It looks like I’m still around, but I’m actually taking some time off. Here re the four things I do to make sure it’s possible.

Scheduled posts to take a vacation from blogging

There’s no need for your blog not to have content. You can write posts in advance and schedule them to appear. WordPress once got a little unpredictable and unreliable with its scheduling abilities, but that seems to have been fixed in updates. I still double-check that something has been published.

Think about the type of topics that you’ve written about before going on vacation or something that will help your readers while you’re away. You can opt for a series on a particular topic making writing the content before you leave easier.

You don’t need to stick to the exact same schedule. You could let your readers know that you are going on vacation. Instead of posting one blog post per day, you may choose to switch to two posts per week. It makes it easier to write extra before you leave.

Schedule your social media updates

Don’t forget about your social media updates! You likely post your blog posts on various accounts, and you can do this while you’re away.

You may need to do some of this while you’re away. I do tend to take an hour on a morning looking into social media schedules, even when I’m on vacation. The only time I don’t is if I don’t have an internet connection. It’s not difficult to look at things while I have a coffee before the kids wake up.

You can still schedule a lot of your content so you can take a vacation from blogging. Scheduled engaging posts rather than links to your blog. You’ll be able to strike up conversations to help build your follower base while you’re away.

Hire someone to take care of your blog

I don’t hire anyone to take care of my blog, but it is something I’ve considered in the past. There are a few options available for this so you can have a full vacation from blogging.

You could hire a virtual assistant. Look for someone who can manage blog posting and social media marketing. You may not be able to find someone who can also write the content, so you’ll also need to look into this.

I wouldn’t hire someone at the last minute. It can take a few weeks to get to know a virtual assistant to see if they’re someone you can trust when you go away for a week or two. However, if you’re planning ahead for a few months, now is a good time to consider outsourcing.

You don’t need to hire someone permanently. This can be a short-term gig for while you’re away.

Get your email list up and running

If you haven’t already, you need to get your email list up and running. Start building your following this way.

If you can’t get the amount of blog content up that you want, you’ll be able to write an email to your followers while you’re away. This helps you connect with people in a slightly more personal way, and you could even share an update from your trip.

Those who share details about their lives normally will find emailing beneficial. People don’t like being sold to. If they feel like they know you, they’re more likely to buy your products or invest in your services.

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What do you do to take a vacation from blogging? Share your thoughts in the comments below.