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5 Tips to get started on a residual income writing site

Joining a residual income writing site is just one way to start making money writing online. They can be the easiest and cheapest way to get started, especially as many have few requirements to apply. In fact, there are some you can create an account and you’re good to start writing. While I recommend finding those that do have some requirements to check on the quality of your writing, there are benefits to just jumping in and getting started on any residual income site out there.

Starting to write is one of the biggest hurdles you’ll come across. You’ve just got into the rev share site and now you need to write that first article. Let me be honest; it can be a daunting process.

I remember the first time I even signed up to a site. It was Suite101 when it still existed. I’d just signed up to take a chance on making money writing online and suddenly had this mental block. What did I write about? Where did I start? Is my writing even going to be good enough for the site?

Once you get that first article out of the way (and it’s the case whether you’ve signed up to your first site or what feels like your millionth), you’ll find writing a breeze. You just need to get over this first hurdle. So, how do you do it? How did I get started with my first revenue share site? These are my top five tips to just get started.

1. Write what you love

The easiest way to start is by writing about something you love. My first ever online article was about Anne Boleyn because I knew enough about her to get the words flowing. At the time, my mind wasn’t on whether others would read it. I just knew I needed to get that first article.

Try not to get bogged down with the planning. Focus on choosing one topic and just run with it. When you write what you love, you will find the words flow easier and you’ll enjoy getting over the first hurdle.

Not in the niche that you think you want to write in? Now isn’t the time to think about niches, really. It’s just about getting that first article on the residual income writing site.

2. Don’t think about revenue share site money

Many people join a revenue share site with the intention to make money. They want it to happen right away. Residual income sites are not an immediate way to make money. You’ll need to build up your catalog of articles first. That means starting with the first one.

When you think too much about money, you’ll get a mental block. You’ll focus too much on what seems to work for others and not what could work for you. Avoid thinking about the money and go back to what you love to research yourself; what you love to do or write personally.

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3. Stop listening to others

The point of your first article is to break through that hurdle. It’s all about focusing on getting the writing out of the way. However, it’s easy to get bogged down into looking at what other people write. If a site has a forum, you may go there for tips. But then you start listening to the wrong people. Writers will tell you the type of content that doesn’t work to make money online but they can be wrong and that isn’t what your first piece is all about.

I remember being told writing about history doesn’t make any money. Well, I and many others have proven a lot of people wrong!

This is your first article. Just write! Don’t think and don’t worry too much. Just get the content out there. The only person you’ll need to listen to is your editor if there is one should there be a problem with your submission.

The only time you need to listen to others is when it comes to the guidelines for the site!

4. Consider an introduction piece

Some residual income sites will allow an introduction as your first article. You can share some interesting facts about you or discuss what made you want to write. This is a great way to get that first article out of the way without having to think too much about it.

If the site doesn’t allow general introduction articles, look at ways that you can spin it into something that is allowed. Why not “X reasons I wanted to become a writer” or “X things I love about writing?” You’ll be surprised at how the words can flow and it just gets rid of the anxiety and overwhelm of a blank catalog.

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5. Write something that isn’t for publication

This is going to sound odd considering for a revenue share site is for, but consider just writing for you. Don’t think about publishing it. Break all the rules, just start getting the content on the page.

Sometimes, the overwhelming nature is not knowing the site layout. You may want to trial different widgets or tools. Starting a draft and just writing anything, even if it’s not for publication, is a way to do all that. You have that draft in place that allows you to go in and trial new additions to the site in the future, too.

Are you struggling to start your first article on a revenue share site? How did you get started each time? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

What is your first article going to be on your new residual income writing site? Let me know and drop a link so I can check it out once it’s live!