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5 tips to write without an internet connection

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As a freelance writer, the internet is your lifeline. But sometimes, you need to figure out how to write without an internet connection.

There are all sorts of reasons you won’t have a permanent internet connection. You may be switching over your services and have got the timing wrong. Or your internet provider may be down. Then there are issues with money, meaning you’ve had to make a cut somewhere.

You can still make money writing even without that permanent internet connection.

I write that from experience. After moving country, I didn’t have a permanent internet connection for a few weeks. I had to improvise to be able to get back to work when I was ready to.

Here’s how I did it.

Jot down ideas when you have them

The first thing you can do is make a note of all the ideas that come to you. You may not be able to publish what you write without an internet connection, but it doesn’t stop you from making your notes.

There are various ways you can make notes. I use Trello a lot, but I also love good old fashioned notebooks.

Don’t just write a title down. Jot a few notes about the points you’ll make, the audience you’re serving, and even any affiliate products you think you’ll promote within the post.

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Write the ideas in a Word doc

There’s nothing stopping you from writing without an internet connection. You just won’t be able to publish it. But that’s okay.

Make use of the distraction-free time. You won’t have Facebook pinging at you. There’s no need to get lost scrolling through Instagram.

When I want to write without an internet connection, I’ll open up Word. Yes, I have Microsoft Office 365. It does run through a subscription, but I don’t need the internet to access everything. I save to my computer/laptop and will sync to the other devices when I have an internet connection if I need to.

Once I have the internet connection, I can just copy and paste into WordPress. Then I only have to do images, find links, and publish when I get an internet connection. This is great if you’re always limited on the time you get your internet connection.

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Use Trello to save links

While you don’t have a stable internet connection for your computer, you may have mobile internet for your smartphone. This isn’t always enough for publishing content, but you can still write without an internet connection.

In this case, you’re going to get ready to write.

I spend time when out grabbing links and putting them in a Trello board. I’ve named it “News Dump.” It’s literally where any news that could be relevant to write up later for work is plonked.

I don’t always end up writing something up. But I’d rather have it there instead of trying to remember what I found while I was out.

Write without an internet connection for fun

Who says when you write without an internet connection that it has to be for work? Why can’t you start writing for yourself?

I call it “fun writing.” It’s all my own projects that has nothing to do with making money online. The writing is to support my mental health and literally just have some fun.

Not having an internet connection can be great for this. It forces me offline where the distractions are. I don’t have that thought of “I should do something productive with my time.” Instead, it’s all about my writing.

Write Without an Internet Connection

Create new website ideas or printable ideas

This is also a good time to create new ideas, and not just for blog posts. It could be the time to come up with new website ideas. Could you think of new niches that you want to get into?

Another option is to come up with printable ideas. Would something work for your business.

For example, I might think of blogging planners or some Canva templates for social media graphics. In some cases, I could make them, but in other cases, it would just be about design ideas and making notes on what I want to create.

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How do you write without an internet connection? What could you do with distraction-free time? Share your thoughts in the comments below.