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Can you be too niche for your blog?

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There are a lot of “experts” to listen to when it comes to blogging. I don’t listen to all of them and like to test things out for myself. It’s how I found out you can be too niche for your blog.

You see, you do definitely need to think about a blogging niche. It helps to build your audience clearly.

At the same time, you need to watch out being too niche for your blog. It can cause problems in the long-term.

What is too niche for your blog?

How could you possibly be too niche? I remember speaking to a blogger about her weight loss niche. She initially opted for the low-carb niche, but then niched down to the Atkin’s diet. That’s all she covered.

While it could have been profitable, she wrote herself into a corner. She struggled with growing her blog because she was losing those who wanted the low-carb diet but not Atkins specifically.

It’s why I’ve never opted for a blog that is purely Weight Watchers when I was a leader. While I focused YouTube videos on the diet, I kept my blog slightly broader by covering the weight loss niche overall.

Trying to find a balance is important. Here’s how you can be too niche for your blog and the problems it causes.

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You can alienate some of your readers

When you go too niche, you start alienating your readers. This is especially a problem if you start with a broad niche and work your way down to something tighter.

If people can’t find the content they’re looking for, they’re going to find someone else who offers that. You lose readers.

And while there will be some looking for what you do offer, there may not be enough to justify keeping that blogging niche. You need to assess whether it’s time to expand.

How do you know if you’re alienating readers? Sometimes, you’ll get comments or emails about it. Let’s stick with the weight loss niche example for now. If you focus on just the Atkin’s diet, readers may ask about tips on other low-carb diets or other ways to lose weight. This is a sign your potential readers are being pushed away.

Whether you started with a big niche or narrow down, you need to look at the audience. Is the niche wide enough for your audience?

You run out of things to say

Eventually, you end up running out with blogging topics if you’re too niche for your blog. There’s only so many ways you can come up with answers to the same questions, right?

When you come up with a niche, you need to consider your content. Can you come up with a post a week at least for the rest of the year? Can you come up with more than one post per week?

If you feel like you’ll run out of content, you’re possibly too niche. If you feel like you’ll bore your audience, you’re possibly too niche.

Too Niche for Your Blog

You’re bored of writing content

One of the biggest signs of being too niche for your blog is getting bored. If you’ve had enough creating content on the topic, you’re not going to help your audience. You won’t offer the audience anything useful.

The content becomes stale. You stop posting as frequently. Your audience stops visiting.

Being bored could also be a sign that this isn’t the right nice for you. Did you get into it just for the potential of money or because you have a passion for it?

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Are you too niche for your blog? Share your thoughts in the comments below.