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5 tools no freelance writer should be without

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Whether you write for private clients or your own blog, you need these tools as a freelance writer. They’ve helped my business grow.

If you’re serious about growing your online writing business, you need tools to help you. A lot of the tools don’t have to cost you a lot of money. I remember what it was like having very little to get started and needing to make money fast.

These tools are great for freelance writers with private clients, online bloggers, or those who prefer residual income sites. I have used and still use them today.

Trello for organization

I used to use Evernote for organization, and it is still a great tool. However, I prefer to use Trello. This is connected to all my devices, and I use it for every single writing need. I even use it for daily organization.

Trello makes it possible to manage boards for each of your clients, writing sites, and more. The free version allows up to three workspaces, which is usually enough. I’ve not ran into any problems yet. You can add the calendar power-up tool if you need to track things that way, but there are other great power-ups to help you with organization, workflow, and more.

One of the great things is that you can connect other people to your boards. This will allow for group efforts, and it’s how a lot of my clients get their content now instead of via email.

Make notes in Trello for blog ideas. This is the best way to jot down ideas so you don’t forget them when you get in front of a computer screen.

Grammarly for a freelance writer

We all make mistakes. I touch-type, but I still make mistakes in my writing and have to edit. Grammarly makes it all so much easier to do. It’s something I think all freelance writers should download.

It will track spelling and grammar, as well as tone and meaning. You can improve the clarity of your words, and simply make sure you are using the right terms. There is a paid version that offers more insights into your writing, but I don’t use it. The free version is enough.

Don’t fully rely on Grammarly to be right. There are times that it doesn’t know what I actually mean!

A good camera for your own photos

I love stock photography. I get Deposit Photo packets when they are available via App Sumo, and I will make use of the Canva free images. But there are times that I need to use my own images. One of the best things a freelance writer can invest in is a good camera.

I use my Google Pixel Pro 7* phone. It has a good camera. Before that, I used my Huawei P30 Pro*, and I didn’t want to get rid of it because the camera is so good. I just had to because of everything going on with governments and businesses. You can also get your own digital camera.

You may be a writer, but you need photos. You know images are important for blog posts, and it’s great to have your own content to share. It will make you stand out.

A standing desk for writing daily

You’re going to be stuck at the desk on a daily basis. It’s important to look after your overall health, and that means investing in a standing desk. Now, standing desks are expensive and they don’t have a lot of drawer space. I actually have a topper for my main desk, which was cheaper and still just as effective.

Once you have the standing desk, make sure you use it. I ensure I stand for at least an hour a day—usally split up—to improve my posture and health.

As well as a standing desk, you want to get a good quality desk chair. It needs to support your back to improve your posture and overall health.

A freelance writer needs ergonomic keyboards

Please look after your hands and wrists. Ergonomic keyboards and mice are great for freelance writers. Yes, they cost a little more than normal keyboards and they take some getting used to, but they’re great for your overall health. They can also help improve your typing skills as you’re forced to use the right fingers for individual letters.

If you can only do one, I’d recommend the keyboard first. You use that more than the mouse. I used to have a Microsoft keyboard and mouse, but found they were only lasting for a year and I’d have to replace them. Now I have a Kensington keyboard* and a Logitech mouse*. They have both lasted two years so far at least, and they are still going.

The Kensington is both wireless and Bluetooth, so I have the choice on how it connects. I can keep the USB attached to my main computer and switch to Bluetooth for my Microsoft Surface Pro 6* when it comes to writing on that (something I do a lot in the summer when I work outside).

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What do you think a freelance writer needs? Which tools do you go nowhere without? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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