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Why you need to track your time writing at residual income sites

Tracking your writing time is great for productivity. It also helps you learn where your hours are going. If you write at residual income sites a lot, you need to track your time writing immediately.

It’s very easy to spend a lot of time on residual income sites. That may be because you enjoy writing there or because you think you’re seeing a decent return on investment. But are you really making the money back from your time spent on those sites? Is the writing there really worth it?

Spend your time where it’s most valuable

As a writer, time is money. While you need to enjoy what you do, you also need to make sure that your time is well spent. That means you need to track your time writing to make sure it’s being spent in the best way possible.

When you’re on residual income sites, there’s the risk of spending time writing about something that isn’t worthwhile financially. Or you may be spending a lot of time on planning or doing what I call “fiddly bits” to get the formatting right or adding in links. Those extra minutes add up.

Tracking your time and comparing it against your income will allow you to work out your hourly rate. Is it where you need it to be? Are you overworking? Or is it worth putting extra time in to see if the income raises even more?

If you’re not making a lot from residual income sites, you may want to put your effort into your own blog instead. That’s especially when you’ve learned the basics about online writing.

Know if you’re wasting your time

Time wasting isn’t just about writing for nothing. Residual income sites can be a time suck in other ways. One of the biggest time sucks is the time spent on the forums.

I used to be guilty of this. I’d chat to other writers and spend hours scrolling through forums to see if there was anything to discuss. In the end, I could waste hours of time. But I didn’t know I was wasting those hours because I didn’t track the time on them.

As soon as I started to track time, I could see where the hours in the day were going. I’d realize that if I spent more time writing, I’d actually stand a chance of finding success at the sites—or even on my own blogs.

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Seeing what works in the writing world

Another benefit when you track your time writing is you see what’s working. I use Toggl to track my time and put in details of what I’m working on. I’ll fill out the site I’m writing at, the content I’m writing about, and any research that I had to do extra. This is all stored so that I can see what type of content is working well for me financially.

It’s especially important with TV shows and movies. I don’t want to spend my weeks writing about a TV show that is barely pulling in any views. What’s the point? I may enjoy it but it’s ending up being a time suck. By tracking the time I’m spending on that content, I can work out how much I’m making per hour on it and determine whether it’s worthwhile.

You can do it with all sorts of niches. In fact, you should do it with all sorts of niches. Find out where your best content is and what people want to know. It can be a good way of figuring out who your audience is and what they want from you. This lends well when it comes to starting your own blog.

Track Your Time Writing on Residual Income Sites

Track your time writing and procrastinating

Is the residual income site still bringing you joy? That’s something you need to assess, and it’s something tracking your time will help you figure out. How much time are you actually spending writing and how much time do you spend procrastinating? You may be surprised to find out the truth.

I know when I’m working on something that doesn’t interest me, I end up not writing all that much. I look at Facebook, I get distracted by YouTube videoes (when I’m supposed to be searching for something else in particular), or I just start working on something else without realizing.

Procrastinating is a big problem for a writer. You won’t realize you’re doing it if you don’t make a habit of tracking your writing time.

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Do you track your time writing on a residual income site? What have you found since you’ve started doing so? Let me know in the comments.

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