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When should you post your seasonal content on your blog?

There are two main types of content you can create: seasonal and evergreen. You may cover news as well, but seasonal and evergreen are going to be the two you focus on the most.

They are as they sound. Evergreen is suitable throughout the year. It never really dates, although you may need to freshen it up now and then. Seasonal content is applicable to a certain season or holiday. For example, you may create Valentine’s Day content, Halloween content, or touch on the summer and winter equinoxes.

Seasonal content can be fun to create and work really well for particular times of the year. But you need to make sure your content is ranking before the season or holiday. So when is the best time to post seasonal content?

#1. Write for this time next year

One thing I learned when initially writing for the internet was to write for this time next year. Say it’s February now. If I wanted to create Valentine’s Day content, I’d have next Valentine’s Day in mind now. You want to be a year ahead of everyone else.

It takes time for content to rank. If you’re going to write at the season, you can’t guarantee that your content will get picked up by the search results. Most of your marketing will be through referrals and social media for the short term results.

What does this change about your content? Try not to put any years into it. If you are going to put years in, keep them out of the URL and remember to go back in and change the years after the season.

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#2. Start two+ months in advance

Another tip I picked up was to write for a couple of months’ time. So, any Valentine’s Day content I planned would have been written and published in December and January. My Christmas content would have been October and November. You’re constantly a couple of months ahead.

This can feel a little weird. Your readers may be a little confused. They’re planning for Halloween, but you’re writing about Christmas. How does that make sense? Well, this is where writing for next year comes into play again. You need to remain ahead of the game.

When to Post Your Seasonal Content

#3. Whenever you want

Of course, you can write the content whenever you want. I sometimes create content months in advance. That doesn’t mean it has to be published right away. You can get a whole block of Christmas content created in February and then schedule it to go live later in the year.

And then there’s the fact that you don’t even need to create seasonal content if you don’t want. Evergreen content is the one that you want to focus on the most unless you’re a site that specifically works on ideas based on seasons and holidays. It’s easier to gain and keep readers with evergreen content.

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If you do create seasonal content, just keep in mind that you won’t necessarily see instant results. It can take until the next year for people to read and buy. I know from experience.

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