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Why bother becoming a freelance writer?

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Becoming a freelance writer means putting in a lot of work for little reward at first. Is it all really going to be worth it?

I get it; there’s a lot to navigate when becoming a freelance writer. You have to find clients, set your rates, and do a lot of promotion to help keep gaining clients. It’s a lot of work, and at first, you’re not going to see the return on your investment. This takes time. Some people (like my ex!) don’t have it in them to put in that work.

Sorry, a little dig there. I’m feeling a little feisty today.

When you start looking for ways to make money writing, you’ll likely come across the low-paid content mills. Or maybe you’ll come across the sites that let you write about anything in return for the ad revenue. This isn’t really starting up your own writing business, but it can help. What I mean by starting up your own business is finding your own private clients.

Is it worth putting in the work to get clients? Here’s why I’ve never regretted the work I’ve put into building my business.

Be your own boss as a freelance writer

This was something that really drew me to becoming a freelance writer. I wanted to have more control over my working hours and days.

I was able to work around childcare when my children were young. When the pandemic hit, I suffered a little bit of an issue with some clients losing their work, but I didn’t lose it all and didn’t have to panic when the kids were homeschooling. When I separated from my ex, I was able to take some time out to care for the kids and then get back to it on the days I didn’t have them.

Yes, there are deadlines, but I have more control over them. I also have more control over the income I make.

Share your talent

Have you ever wanted to just be able to share your talent with the world? This is something you can do by starting your own writing business.

It could be your way with words of fiction or your ability to turn a dull academic study into something exciting and easy to understand. People are on the lookout for so many different writing talents, and there is a place for you in that business.

It’s all about finding a way to make you stand out from the rest. So, if you have a special talent, use it to your advantage.

Write about your favourite topics

When you start freelance writing, you may be tempted to offer your skills for any niches. This is something you want to avoid.

The benefit of your own writing business is you get to focus on your favorite topics. It’s much easier to mark your place and you can market yourself much easier. You’ll find a way to stand out from all the rest.

Plus, writing about your favorite topics means you are more likely to keep enjoying your work. Trust me, it really is great knowing that you’re getting paid and having fun; it doesn’t even feel like work.

Oh, and you don’t even need to stick to non-fiction. You could become a fiction writer, whether a ghostwriter or under your own name. The opportunities are limitless.

Be a freelance writer from anywhere

Freelance meeting doesn’t mean being stuck in your home all the time. You’re not limited to the desk and can work from absolutely anywhere.

Ever wanted to travel? You can make money while you’re on the go. Want to get rid of your home internet costs? There are ways that you can work without one.

There is just so much freedom as a freelance writer; freedom that you would struggle to get with many other jobs (although not all).

I love freelance writing. Yes, I’ve let it slide (along with my blogs) but I’m back now and nothing is stopping me from pushing forward with them all. If you’re an aspiring writer, it’s time to really think about your options. Yes, there are downsides to consider but there are so many benefits to starting your own writing business.

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