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Why I chose my blogging niches

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Before you choose your blogging niches, you may want to know why and how others chose theirs. Here’s why I chose mine.

You’ve read the tips to choose your blogging niches. Then there are the things not to do when picking your niche.

But when it comes it it, sometimes you just want to know why others have chosen their blogging niches. That’s why I’m sharing why I’ve picked my niches.

And yes, I say niches. While I write here about blogging and writing, I have other blogs that cover other topics. But I don’t cover all of my interests. I also test out some niches on residual income sites to see if there’s a chance of succeeding with them.

These are the niches I currently cover:

  • This blogging/writing one
  • Entertainment news and spoilers
  • Outsourcing business needs
  • Being a work at home mom

I’ve had others over the years that did used to do well.  Just didn’t have time to keep them up, and there’s nothing wrong with bringing blogs to an end if you’ve lost your passion or you don’t have time. Just because you pick a niche doesn’t mean you have to stick to it.

So why did I choose my blogging niches, and why did I keep the ones that I do have?

I enjoy what I write

My niches are all passions of mine. They are specific niches designed to help others and build my brand within the topics.

They have room for expansion. I don’t just stick to blogging tips on this blog, for example. I’ll look at writing business tips. I’ll share advise on email lists, on growing social media followers, and much more. The aim is to help you become successful writers and not just start your own blog!

The work at home mom niche has been one of my most versatile niches. It’s where I can share family budget tips, covering parenting tips, and, of course, write about working from home.

Writing what I love and fitting it into the niches is so important for me. This passion is what helps me connect with my audience and helps me come up with new topics. The passion is the reason I can write, even when I have a really bad day.

If you don’t have passion for what you’re blogging about, you’re going to lose interest. It’s happened with previous blogs I’ve tried because I chose then for the wrong reasons.

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I feel the need to get the words out

Yes, that’s why I blog about the topics I love. There’s this need deep down to get the words out.

I know some people will find that strange, but it’s a genuine reason to blog.

Now, I told you that you need to set up a niche blog to make money online. That’s definitely the case, but I do have a multi-niche blog. BUT it’s not there for my business. That is there purely for me so I can get the words out that I need.

Sometimes the content that I need to share doesn’t work with my niches. Or I’ll need to get a piece up that a client has refused to pay for—and I put it on a residual income site to preserve my work, my copyright, and ability to use it as a sample. It’s also why I used to have a multi-niche blog, although that isn’t used as much any more.

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My blogging niches build my brand

Building your brand is essential in business. People aren’t going to remember you as a person or the content you share in all cases, but they will remember your brand.

Think about it. Can you remember the exact shoes Nike released 10 years ago without Googling? Probably not, but you’ll remember that brand of “Just Do It!” and you’ll remember the name. If you saw the product, you’d know it would be theirs.

Your blog is the way to build your brand. It’s the way to get your little tagline like Nike’s “Just Do It!” and the way to get people to remember you.

How I picked my blogging niches

I want to focus on my audience

Blogging is fun for me, but it’s also a way to reach my audience. It’s a way to help them with their questions and problems.

I want to focus on them and the only way I can do that is through niche blogs. So I set them up in the areas I’m passionate about.

I’ve shared a few more details about why you need to avoid multi-niche blogs for business. Having multiple blogging niches on one blog gets confusing. Sure, there will be some who want to read something different from time to time but the majority of people you’re attracting to your business blog are those with a particular need. They want to know more about that particular topic.

To be honest, the people who want to read multiple topics on one blog are those who want to blog about multiple topics on one blog in the majority of cases. They’re not the ideal audience for making money blogging.

I blog to help my audience. I have a persona for the ideal reader and blog for that persona. It’s a powerful trick. Of course, you need to know who your audience is to take advantage of that.

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Now is the chance to think about why you blog. Why have you chosen your blogging niches? Feel free to share below.