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5 reasons someone needs to hire you as a freelance writer

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When it comes to marketing yourself as a freelance writer, some potential clients may choose to side with caution. They don’t see the benefits of spending money on hiring someone to do all their writing needs.

These can still be the right clients for you. They just need to understand how they’re going to make money by spending money. It’s up to you to share how you’ll help a potential client grow their business.

You’ll want to get into some details for the specific client. That’s not something I can share here because I don’t know your niche, your experience, or who the potential client is. However, I can help you set up the initial reasons for a client to hire you. You’ll just need to fill in the extra details.

5 reasons someone should hire you as a freelance writer

There are many ways a potential client can benefit from hiring you. Here are the top five that will help you score the client. Don’t forget to sell yourself while using these reasons.

The client doesn’t have to worry about extra work

Adding a blog or doing marketing content is overwhelming to private clients. Many of them don’t want the hassle of doing the work. They haven’t seen any issues with not having the content written, so why bother trying to do it themselves?

Then there are those who have done it themselves. They’re not quite seeing the results they want. This is simply because they don’t have the time to do the research into SEO or to write the content properly.

You want to sell yourself in this aspect. The clients don’t need to do their work themselves. They can have someone with experience doing the work for them. They’re more likely to see a return on their investment.

Clients can focus on areas they need to

If clients are doing writing work, they’re taking time away from other parts of their business. There are many other areas that are important for them to work on, and they need to find the time. How can they find the time when they know the blog content is working for them?

In this case, they need someone to do the writing work for them. This is where they need to hire you as a freelance writer. You can free up that time.

You’ll also likely get more done in the same time they get the minimum done. This is because you have the experience and skill. They can get more content by hiring you, boosting their profits even more.

Bad writing is hurting their efforts

You will want to be careful in how you word this. The last thing you want is to upset the potential client by sharing that what they’re doing isn’t good. However, you know that poor grammar, bad typos, and poorly written content, in general, are bad for business.

The potential client isn’t going to be a pro at writing. As a freelance writer, you are the pro. You can bring well-written content to the online world.

How you explain this to them is going to depend on the exact problems with their content. Is it full of typos? You’ll want to carefully explain how their writing skills are affecting their content. Is it full of factual errors? This is where you can explain why they need someone skilled in their particular niche.

They’re not adding in SEO properly

Good SEO is important. A lot of business owners don’t necessarily understand much about SEO. They don’t get that Google works with keywords based on what people are searching for and not what people are writing about. They need to target the terms that people are searching for that are linked to their business.

That takes a lot of time to research. Isn’t it worth them hiring someone who has the time for that task? Wouldn’t it be better to hire someone who has done that sort of thing before? They want an expert in SEO.

This isn’t just about researching the terms but using them effectively. They’ll gain more clients or customers by doing this, improving their revenue. It’s more than worth paying you as a freelance writer for that task.

You may be able to help with other tasks

You may not just be a freelance writer. I do a lot of social media as well. It’s something I’ve had to learn for my own business, so I put it out as an option for additional packages as a writer. There are others who are well versed in graphic design.

What can you do? Can you help a business save money in multiple ways? Maybe you could package your writing and social media together, so the business owner doesn’t need to hire a separate social media expert. This is a way for them to save money.

It’s certainly a conversation to open up if you do offer other services as well as writing. If you don’t, do you offer referrals for other tasks?

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How can you help businesses save money as a freelance writer? How can you help them make money? It’s time to put a list together to show why someone needs to hire you.