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Why you need to make your own videos for your blog posts

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Having two forms of content in a blog post is important. Instead of finding someone else’s, why not make your own videos? We’re going to look at why that is worth it for your blog.

It’s been a long time since I’ve added videos to my blog posts, and I know that’s a flaw. We’re moving into a world where video is growing in popularity. I don’t like watching videos that much and there is still a place for written content, but videos are favored by a lot of other people.

You could just search on YouTube and find someone else’s videos to accompany your blog posts. However, I find making my own videos more helpful. You’ll want to create your own YouTube channel and make your own videos for your blog posts. Here’s why.

You connect more with your audience

Adding videos will help you connect with a different type of audience—the ones who want to listen and not read. When you make your own videos, you’ll connect even more with your audience to help grow your brand.

Having someone else doing all the talking can make you seem fake. How do your readers know that you’ve created the content? If they believe that the person on screen is you, it still lacks the connection, especially when they see who the real you is.

People creating videos professionally just don’t always have that click. They don’t share the voice you have in your writing, and they may not say everything you say.

Videos made by other people certainly have their place, but they won’t help you connect with your audience. And connecting with your audience is the way to grow your business.

Get the content you need when you make your own videos

You’re not guaranteed to find the content you need when searching YouTube. Who says that others have made a video about the same topic that you’re writing about? And they definitely haven’t said everything you’ve said

When you make your own videos, you get something that covers your content exactly. You also get to share your own points or develop ones that you’ve made in a blog post.

The video will definitely connect with your audience, and will definitely answer their questions. After all, nobody knows your target market better than you.

Another form of online earnings

When you make your own videos, you’ll add them to YouTube. It really is the best place, even if you’re not a fan of Google.

Adding videos to YouTube to then share on blog posts means you get another way to make money online. You can add advertisements to your YouTube videos, so you earn through AdSense there. It won’t be much to start, but you can build this up just like you did with your blog.

There is also the benefit of other people sharing your videos. That leads to more eyes landing on your video, so more chance of making money through YouTube.

Wouldn’t you love another way to make money? I know I love it, especially residually.

I believe that you’ll do better when you make your own videos. It’s something I highly recommend, whether you’ve done it in the past or not. You don’t need a lot of expensive equipment, and I’ll share how I make my videos very soon.

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What are you struggling with in your business? Will you make your own videos? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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