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Not got a niche blog yet? Why you need one right now!

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Still writing at third-party sites instead of on your own niche blog? Even if it’s not full-time, you need your own niche blog right now.

Let me start this by saying that I don’t knock the third-party residual income sites. I’m still at a few of them, and I love my time there. I am compensated well for my time on them, though, so that helps. However, one thing that I made sure I had was a niche blog for all the topics that I love to cover.

Each niche has its own blog. There’s this blogging one, I have a WAHM one*, and I have an entertainment one. I’ve had other niche blogs in the past, and I do intend to add to my collection soon, potentially restarting some of those blogs.

These blogs will take some time. They are going to be hard work for little pay at first. They end up worth it in the long run, though. Here’s why you need to get some blogs of your own set up.

You build YOUR brand

It’s time to focus on your own brand. This could be your name, the name of your blog, or even a pen name. Whatever it is, focus on just you.

When you write on third-party sites, you help them build their brand. Sure, you have your name included in there and can create backlinks, but you’re helping the other site. When you write for private clients, you help their brand. Yes, there are other benefits to this but you still don’t work on your own brand.

By writing on your own blog, the only person you help is YOU. It’s possible to boost your exposure to help private clients find you and pay your writing rates. You make it possible to build your business and authority in whatever niche you want to focus on. If you have your own business, you can get more customers/clients and sell more.

If you’re not interested in this reason—and why wouldn’t you be?—then what about the next reason to have your own niche blog?

You build your authority voice in one niche

This is like building a brand.

Being an authority in a niche is essential for finding private clients and selling more. If people can’t trust you, why the hell would they buy from you or hire you?

It’s difficult to be an authority on a subject on a third-party site. Many of these sites share content on a wide variety of topics. Just look at HubPages and Wizzley. While there’s nothing wrong with them for those who want to start somewhere or build backlinks, there are some downsides.

What are the sites actually about? If a client comes across one of your articles on these sites, are they going to know that you are building an authoritative voice in that niche?

Probably not! They’ll find articles on so many other topics.

By working on your own niche blog*, you focus just on that niche. Take a look at this blog or my student blog in the past. Both of these have specific focuses and I find it easier to prove why I can be trusted on the topics.

They also mean I benefit from the next point…

You can focus on one audience

It’s so hard for clients and customers to get focused when you post on third-party sites. With so many different topics, which audience is the site aiming towards?

When you have a niche blog, this is very different. You decide your audience from the very beginning and write for that specific audience. There’s no fighting with others on the same site.

If you find your audience changes as you develop your blog, you can work on changing the angle of your blog posts. If you find you’re getting off track, it’s easier to pull your posts back and focus on who your audience is again.

You’ll also find it’s easier to get people to sign up to your email lists. They’ll know that you’ll only share content that is important to them!

Google will love you

Google has changed massively over the last decade. In fact, it looks like Bing and Yahoo! are heading the same way.

You see, people want search results that match what they’re actually searching for. They’re fed up of finding what looks like a great website, only to find out that it’s stuffed with keywords to trick a search engine robot and offers nothing that they actually need or want.

Google is now holding authoritative niche blogs higher than these third-party, multi-topic sites. That means you’ll benefit in the search listings by having your own niche blog.

Don’t you want a little Google love?

If you think having a blog where you share multiple topics is good, it’s time to get out of that mindset. You’re hurting your own ranking and your own chances of success. Audiences want niche-specific blogs, and it’s time to offer them what THEY WANT.

You have more control with niche blogs

Finally, we have to touch on control. When you’re writing at the third-party sites, you need to follow their rules. They’ll have a minimum character or word count, and they’ll want specific topics. While some are great for building income quickly, you don’t always keep the rights to your content—you should, but you don’t.

You’re limited to what the sites offer. If they decide they only want to cater to specific niches, you’ll need to rework things. If they realize that something isn’t working and they shut down, you’re stuck with that. You have no control at all.

At least with your own blogs, you are in control. If you decide that you’ve had enough, you can shut down without losing all your work. You can look at changing themes or layouts on your site, and you can add in new niches that connect to the original one if you want. Everything is completely up to you.

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What are you doing to make money writing? Are you looking at niche blogs? Share your thought si the comments below.