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Why I’ve decided to write at HubPages again

Five years ago, I used to write religiously at HubPages. I loved the site, but my time became short. I wanted to make my own blogs work and I started to branch into Entertainment writing and found other sites for that. It meant my content on HubPages just sat there. But in February 2020, I decided it was time to write at HubPages again.

This was something that had been on my mind for a while. Every few months, I’d check into my account to see how my articles were doing. After all, there were 130 articles still making me money. While it wasn’t a lot of money, I’d get a surprise payout now and then as I hit the minimum required.

So, I decided it was time to turn my attention back to it. After all, I don’t like having all my eggs in one basket. By why write at HubPages again when I could set up another blog or find a new site?

HubPages is making me passive income

Throughout the last five years, I’ve done nothing on my articles on the site. There are some that I really do need to update and fix some broken links, and I’ll get around to it, but I’ve been able to make money on HubPages without doing anything at all.

This tells me the site continues to perform relatively well on Google. It’s a site that I already have some pocket change sitting there. If I can make money passively, what can I do if I write at HubPages again?

I don’t want yet another blog

I used to write a lot of book reviews, but I’ve lost the space to do that. I could do it on Amazon Adviser, but honestly, I want to put my content elsewhere. Amazon Adviser hasn’t been working well for book content and I don’t want to waste my words.

Without a blog for the reviews anymore (I used to have a site called Cheeky Monkey Gifts, which was perfect), I either needed to set up another blog or find another site for my content. I just don’t want to set up another blog; at least, not right now.

Instead of a site that I run, I want to take the “easy way out.” There are a lot of benefits to revenue share, and this is one of them. HubPages is going to become the place for my reviews.

I can trust the site to follow Google

One of the big things about choosing to write at HubPages and not something like Medium, which everyone is recommending to me, is that I know more about HubPages. I know that the owners have followed the rules when it’s come to Google changes.

Rather than try to game the system, HubPages made changes for the better. It looked at what Google wanted and tried out a few things. The aim is to keep the articles making money. This is definitely a plus point for me.

Should Google make a huge change in the future, I don’t have to worry too much. I know the site will pick things back up again. A site like Medium is still new on the internet. It’s not to say I’ll never try that site, but I need to write at places I trust with my limited time right now.

There’s already a portfolio

Another major benefit of HubPages is already having the content there. I’m building on top of content that I’ve already written. While it’s not reviews like what I’m going to move into now when I return to write at HubPages, it’s still something.

Building on top of a portfolio is important. It helps to create an audience and offers me something to easily link back to on the site.

I actually wondered whether Wizzley would be a better option than HubPages. I’m still debating whether to put some content on Wizzley again. Maybe…

Why I've Decided to Write at HubPages again

For now, I’ll write at HubPages

With minimal time, I need to think carefully. I don’t want to set up another blog, but I want to write reviews. That means choosing a revenue share site. This is why I still love revenue share sites being around.

For now, I’m going to write at HubPages. It’s only going to be an article a week or so, but it’s better than nothing!

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Where are you currently writing? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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