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4 mistakes writers make when joining a revenue share site

You’ve just been accepted onto a revenue share site. It’s a great feeling to know you’re wanted and offer the quality a site is looking for. Of course, you want to start writing and making money online. The problem is many will make common writer mistakes that lead to them not succeeding.

I write this from experience as an editor at a couple of sites, as well as someone who made some mistakes in the past. I get a lot of questions about how to make money with revenue share sites, and sometimes it comes down to not making simple writer mistakes. I see the same issues over and over again when someone joins up.

Here are the biggest mistakes that you need to avoid at any website or with any private client.

1. Not joining the form of communication

You may be happy with email, but the site may have their own form of communication going. Some will post information in forums, while others use software like Slack or Skype. You need to get with the revenue share site method of communication. If you don’t, there’s a lot that you can end up missing or overlooking.

It’s not up to the site to know how you prefer to receive communication. If everyone had their own preference, it could take hours to send just one message.

The only time that a different method may be understandable is if there’s a known issue with the software at the time. For example, it may not be open to new members yet or you may have been given the choice of one of two types of communication methods rather than just the bog-standard method. But most likely, there will be one method to use and that’s it.

If you miss messages because you’re not there, that’s not the site’s fault.

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2. Expecting the revenue share site editors to do your work for you

There was once a guy who wanted to write the content and leave the rest of the formatting and work to the editors. He claimed he couldn’t figure out the system.

Stop right there!

If you think you can claim that you can’t figure out the system, you’ll be sorely mistaken. When you sign up to a revenue share site and start writing, you’re expected to do the work set out. You follow the style guide, pitch content if necessary, and take steps to make sure your content looks good.

If you have questions, ask away, but don’t expect others to do your work. Everyone else has figured their head around it. The editors have figured their heads around it.

Being lazy is one of my personal bugbears. I hate the term Millennial, but I’ve seen the stereotypes recently and they drive me up the wall! Nobody owes you any favors.

As an editor on a few revenue share sites, I try to be helpful. Usually, I have a full guide for you to follow with screenshots. Not every revenue share site will have this. If you’ve tried to follow things and got bits wrong, that’s okay! Writer mistakes are normal at this stage. These are the mistakes you can learn from. If you just haven’t even tried, it sets a bad example.

There’s a difference between writer mistakes and laziness.

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3. Ignoring messages and requests for changes

If there is a problem with your content, there are chances that you’ll get a message requesting a change. Don’t ignore these requests. Your content isn’t going to be published until you make a change.

There was once a writer who would get a revision request and then just delete the content. It’s a waste of everyone’s time, including your own. He would then post something else, still not following the previous revision requests, so get the content sent back to him. Again, a waste of time for all!

Most revision requests will come through the same method as other communication. If you’re not sure how they come through, ask! Got questions about the requests? Ask away!

Communication is important and editors want to help you understand the reason for the changes and how to make them. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with questions, as it shows you’re willing to learn and adapt.

Each revenue share site will have it’s own rules and style. It’s usually the style that causes a problem, so remember which site you’re on and what you need to do!

This rule also applies to ignoring messages completely. If an editor is trying to get in touch, reply. It’s just rude otherwise!

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4. Not writing anything at all

You’ve gone through the process to get into a revenue share site. This could have included samples, sharing a little about you, and selling yourself as a writer. Now you’ve got in and it’s time to start writing.

And then you just disappear.

This is a major mistake that people make. If you don’t write, you’re not going to make money online. It really is as simple as that. The same applies to those who don’t meet a quota set by a site!

It can seem daunting at first. The best thing you can do is ask a few questions and then jump straight in. Get your feet wet and give it a shot. It may not be as hard as you initially think!

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What writer mistakes have you seen people make on revenue share sites? What did you do in the past that you wish you didn’t? Share in the comments below.

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