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Why writing groups can be great for support

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Being a freelance writer can be isolating. It may be worth turning to writing groups to make friends and gain the support you need.

I started freelance writing at the end of 2010. It’s something I’ve done continuously since then. While I’ve had some second jobs along the way, my writing work has remained consistent. And it’s been consistently isolating.

You work from home in the majority of cases. It’s rare that you’ll have interactions with people. This isn’t like being in an office where you great friendship groups with colleagues. Your friends tend to be online, and they don’t always understand what you’re doing.

This is why you need to find writing groups. Some will be online on the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn. Others will be in person if there’s an interest in the local area. Writing groups are great for support, and here’s why you need them.

Cheaper than one-on-one support

You could turn to writing mentors for support in your freelance writing career. I do highly recommend finding a mentor. I wouldn’t be where I am today without one. However, you may not have the money for the mentor you want.

While you will not get one-on-one support with a writing group, it is certainly a cheaper option for freelance writing support. In fact, many groups have no charge at all. They come in the form of forums online that you can join quickly and easily.

Some of them do charge. For example, the Freelance Writer’s Den has a $25 per month charge. However, this is much more than a forum. You get access to eCourses, eBooks, and much more, along with the expertise of two good freelance writers.

If you’re struggling financially, you want to find the cheapest and most effective option. Writing groups online are often the best option for that.

I will say that it was writing forums that initially helped me start a career as a freelance writer. I saw that it was possible, and got the initial start to in my career that I needed. I was also able to find a good mentor through the groups and forums.

Hear from different experiences in writing groups

One of the issues with one-on-one support is that you only hear one person’s experiences with freelance writing. While this is often a good experience to learn from, you will not hear about all of the problems you could face.

With freelance writing support through writing groups, you get to hear from different experiences. People will share how they handled problem clients, and what they did to get more work. One person’s methods may not work, but you are more likely to find someone’s experience that will help you. If not, you can create a hybrid of options.

There are also people from all stages of their career. There will be people working in different areas of freelancing, whether it’s with private clients or revenue share sites. Then there are those who make a six-figure income or more. Why not get the world of experience at your fingertips?

This is a great way to get honest feedback. Other writers will be willing to tell you where the problems are, but constructively. They’ll give you ways to improve, so you can become a better freelance writer. It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction.

Someone to talk to when you need it

You don’t always need support in your freelance writing career. Ther eare times that you just need to not feel so lonely and isolated in the world. This is something else that these types of groups offer.

I remember having a forum of people to chat to throughout the day. We could talk about movies and TV shows, discuss something going on in the world, or just talk about our pets. It was like having a set of colleagues in the office. Physical groups are also great for this as you can build on the networks and find genuine friends.

I did end up meeting with some of the online friends in person. This is a great way to put faces to names and get to know people better. Plus, it got me away from the computer and the house for a little while.

Isn’t it time you improved your writing? Finding freelance writing support doesn’t need to be difficult. Writing groups are perfect ways to gain that support without spending a fortune.

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