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Why you should consider writing sites with applications

There are so many writing sites out there. They all claim that you can make thousands of dollars per month. Before you even start signing up for any of them, you’ll want to look at the application process. There isn’t an application process? These aren’t the types of writing sites that I recommend.

I always think applications are a good thing. While they’re checking on your quality of writing, the sites are also checking on the quality of other people’s writing. This is a good thing for you in the long run.

Google loves quality

The biggest benefit about applications is that they weed out those who can’t write all that well. Everyone things they can string a sentence together, but that’s not always the case. The odd typo here and there is understandable, but too many writing sites allow people in who can’t make one sentence make sense.

This will damage the reputation of the site and the reputation of anyone connected to that site. It will also affect the ability to be found in search engines.

Google loves quality. That’s a major focus for the search engine. If people are clicking the back button on one writer’s content because they can’t understand it, this affects the entire writing site. It leads to other content on the site being negatively affected, even if your content is great.

When you opt for writing sites with applications, the writers who could negatively affect the site aren’t allowed in. Only quality content is published, which leads to a better ranking on Google. That means a better chance of your content being found.

You can be proud of the writing sites

Let’s be honest; you want to be proud to show off your work. This isn’t just about the content that you write, but the overall look of the site. I’ll admit to writing under a pen name when I’ve wanted to write at a site for the income but haven’t wanted to be associated with is. I’m not proud of writing on that particular site.

When you opt for a site with an application process, you can be prouder of the work that you’ve done. You know that the rest of the content reads well, and you’ll be proud to share what your fellow writers are creating. You’ll want to link to their content in your own, further boosting the reputation of the site.

By sharing the content more, you’re telling friends to pay attention. Sharing tells Google, Facebook, Pinterest, and more to pay attention to these sites. You’ll gain more views, which will help you make more money.

Choosing the Best Writing Site

You know you’re appreciated

When you go through the application process for writing sites and are accepted, you know that you’re appreciated as a writer. You’ve gotten through a stage that not everyone else does. That means you’re viewed as a good writer.

Okay, some writer applications are more lax than others. Then there are some that are the hardest to get through. However, you’re through a stage that is designed to find the good writers out of the bad.

This can also lead to being more appreciated in the future. The owners of the site saw something in you. They know that you can offer something that others can’t, which means they want to hear your voice. The owners—or the editors—are more likely to help nurture your ability so you grow as a writer, both for yourself and for the site.

Applications for writings sites can be an annoying part of the process. After all, you just want to write and make money. However, they’re a good sign for a writing site. I highly recommend avoiding those that allow anyone and everyone to sign up.

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