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Why you should go for that freelance writing project

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A freelance writing project has come up that you think is right for you. Yet you’re not applying. Fear is likely holding you back. Don’t let it. Here’s why you should push for it.

One of the first things I will say to do is to make sure that freelance writing project is legit. Make sure that it’s not a scam. You shouldn’t be paying to do it, and you shouldn’t have to send in free samples specific to the client—you have your portfolio of samples to share.

Now that you know it’s legit, it’s time to apply for it or share your samples. Still stepping back? Here are three reasons it’s going to be perfect for you.

You have the experience

Whether it’s the experience in writing or experience in the topic, you have it, and that means you can do a great job.

The trick is to show this potential client that you have the experience. How do you do that? Well, there are a few ways and one of those is through samples of your work. Gather samples that are within the same niche as the freelance writing project and send them to the person looking to hire you.

Don’t have readymade samples? Write one and use that. It’s not as great as having something already published, especially if it’s been edited, but it is better than nothing!

If you are going to write something for the client, publish it somewhere. If you can get social proof quickly by publishing on a big-named blog, that’s the best option. However, there’s nothing wrong with writing a one-off sample if you really don’t have anything to show (and then you can publish it afterward).

What you shouldn’t be doing is writing a sample for the potential client to use without hiring you. Make it clear that this is just a sample. Watermark it if you can.

You have the passion

You’ll be surprised how important passion is. It will show through your writing, just as much as your experience.

The more passionate you are, the better your storytelling will be in this freelance writing project. You’ll also get through the work quickly to make the most of your writing rate.

Just think about how much you’ll love your job when you’re doing projects you’re passionate about. And add the experience on that and there are very few reasons for a client not to hire you! If you’re passionate about a freelance writing project, you need to go for it.

It meets your writing rate and abilities

If a freelance writing project sounds fun but doesn’t work with your writing rate, then there’s no problem giving it a miss. I will say that I have done projects that are below my rate if I’ve been passionate about them. I don’t stick with the client for long, but I get my byline with something that speaks to me. There’s nothing wrong with doing that every now and then.

If you find it happens too often, you need to readjust your thinking. It needs to pay your rate, and you can always ask the potential client to increase the rate if you would like to do it.

But what if it ticks all the boxes? The client is willing to pay your rate, you have the ability to do a great job, and you really want to do it. You need to go for that project.

There really isn’t an excuse for holding back. It doesn’t matter what it is or whether it sounds boring to others. It sounds great to you and you’re being paid the amount that you want.

By the way, I don’t listen to what other people tell me what my rate should be. There may be writers out there who say “that rate is too low.” They’re not in the same position as I am, and the same applies to you.

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Should you go for that freelance writing project? Stop letting the fear hold you back and start putting yourself out there. It’s the only way you make a career out of your writing.

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